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No! Need coffee to live!

And Braeburn is finished!

Rush job of D00M, powered by the wonder of dark roast coffee and the determination to have this damn thing ready to run to the printers for BroNYCon January.


Auburn haired Bee-chan

And the Big Mac x Caramel print is FINISHED!

Colors are FINISHED!

As promised, done in simple flat tones, animation style, and then slapped with random brushes and patterns for the background.

India ink and brush on 11 x 8.5 inch card stock, scanned, enlarged, and colored in Photoshop CS3.

Will be made into 15 x 10 inch prints for BroNYCon January.

19th-Jan-2010 12:22 am - Whirl-Wind custom is finished!
Auburn haired Bee-chan
And she is FINISHED! I didn't take many WIP shots of her while working on her, considering that she's a basic custom; no major sculpting, with the exception of the lily.

Finished Whirl-Wind custom commission for Jamilla "Whirl-Wind" Spronk, on DA!

Started with a bait G3 Frilly Locks My Little Pony ( thanks to AllIsLove, from the MLP Arena! ).

Original hair and symbols removed, and rehaired with Pumpkin Spice and Espresso nylon hair from Dolly Hair, spots, stripes, eyes, and hooves painted with simple acrylics, then sealed with a matte varnish. Her eyes are sealed with a glossy sealant for a wet effect.

Ribbon from JoAnn Fabrics.

Lily behind her ear:
Sculpted with apoxy sculpt, painted with acrylics, and sealed with matte varnish.

The lily is removable. It lays behind her black ear like a real lily would behind an ear.


26th-Dec-2009 08:28 pm - Firebyrd & Baby Bea - finished
Chibi Simon
Finished the marker painting commission for Ginny, of her pony persona, Firbyrd, and her baby, Beatrice ( Bea ).

8.5 x 11 inch cardstock, Prismacolor and Copic markers, Derwent and Loew - Cornell colored pencils, and white gel pen.

=Thumbnail teaser=

=Finished piece behind the LJ cut=Collapse )

Contacting the next customer ( Jamilla "Whirl-Wind" Spronk from DA ) soon!

8th-Jun-2009 09:03 pm - Jersey Devil custom is COMPLETE!!
Auburn haired Bee-chan
My Jersey Devil custom is COMPLETE!!

My take on the infamous Jersey Devil, aka The Leeds Devil.

This was my current pain in the rear... I mean personal just-for-the-fun-of-it custom. Started it back in November 2008, and since I could only work on him in between commissions and the day job and larger orders and home responsibilities, he's taken FOREVER to do ( doesn't help that I was being ANAL about detailing... ).

I first came up with the idea from KarRedRoses NJ Devil custom contest for the 2008 NJ Pony Meet. There was NO WAY in heck I was going to be able to even START work on the custom before the meet, so I figured I would make it something I could work on in my own time.


The Jersey Devil started life as, I BELIEVE, a G3 My Little Pony Fizzy Pop.
His pose has been altered from FP's original pose, head lowered and stance widened.
Sculpey was used for shoulder, hind hooves, and neck support, with tinfoil for re-posing his head.
The rest is Apoxie Sculpt, with a thick wire hanger skeleton and wire mess for wing support, floral wire wrapped around itself thrice for the tail skeleton, and coated paper clips for horn support.
Teeth were sculpted using a translucent Sculpey.
Body was completely painted over with acrylic paints, and sealed with a matte varnish. Eyes, claws, horns, mouth and teeth were sealed with an glossy sealer.

Oddly, the black acrylic seems to reflect off a green tint in day light in photos, which is why he seems a tad green.

He will be on display at AnimeNEXT 2009, in either the art show or at my table in artist alley ( I'm in the hallway ).

He will also be on display in the art show at the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show / New Jersey State Fair.

=Thumbnail detail shot=

=Please click here for more shots of the finished Jersey Devil!=Collapse )

pony crack! Yay!

Re-created the punk Hello Kitty themed custom I did a while back for my friend, Missy.

This time, with sculpted hair and clothing, and a full body repaint.

I believe she was a bait G3 baby Sandy Island ( I don't remember, the pm from the awesome person who gave her to me was lost T^T ). Resculpted with Apoxie Sculpt, painted with acrylics, adorned with different sized swarovski crystals on her collar, her skirt, in her wrist cuff, and one hidden in a curl in her tail, then sealed with a matte varnish. Boots and eyes are sealed in a glossy sealer.

WIP shot links after the photos.

=More photos behind the cut. CLICK HERE PLEASE.=Collapse )

=WIP shot #1=
=WIP shot #2=
=More WIP shots=

I'm going to bed now.

Yay! Happy Maya!
I can fiiiiiinally reveal her publicly! YAY!

My Christmas present to my very awesome friend, Tammy "Poniesyeah" Weise,  this year: a custom of her "pony persona", Chai Tea ( originally designed by Heather Vidal ).

This was OFFICIALLY the FASTEST full body repaint I've ever done. After coming home from work yesterday, this took me, roughly, about 8 hours to paint, not counting the white base coat. I didn't get to bed until 2 am this morning because of it ^^;. Re-hairing, I was able to do that while watching Ratatouille. Sculpting, um, not sure, I didn't time it.

But she's now safe and happy in her new home at Poniesyeahs apartment, so I can now show her off. ^__^

Chai Tea started off as a baity G3 Wondermint, and was re-haired with Espresso, Sour Grapes, Death by Bougainvillea blend, Pumpkin Pie, and Mango Tango nylon hair from Dollyhair.

Re-sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt, painted with acrylics, and sealed with a matte varnish. Eyes were sealed with a glossy sealer. And I placed one single swarovski crystal into a curl on her tail.

Base was stained and sealed with polyurethane.

=More photos behind this cut! CLICKITY CLICK!=Collapse )

6th-Dec-2008 10:25 pm - Legends custom
Auburn haired Bee-chan
After some debate, I finally decided to do a quick no frills photo shoot for this custom and post him online. He was finished before the 2008 Rhode Island MLP Fair.

My "Legends" custom My Little Pony, based off of a certain scene with the male unicorn in Ridley Scott's movie, "Legend".

Started off as a G1 Snuzzle, was hacked apart body part by body part, and pieced together and re-sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt. Full body repaint with acrylics and sealed with a matte varnish for his body, and a glossy sealer for the blood and horn. Hair is bleached mohair.

Platform is hand stained and sealed with glossy wood varnish. Snow is the fake writing snow, plain and glittery. Body is lightly sprayed with a fine body glitter spray.

Apple blossom petals are hand sculpted, painted with acrylics, and sealed with matte varnish.

( EDIT: I think I may have to do a silent auction for this custom soon ^___^ )


1st-Oct-2008 10:28 pm - Looking for a bait
Auburn haired Bee-chan
Jumping on here quickly, helping Poniesyeah out, looking for a specific bait for her to customise.

She's looking for a G3 December Delight "with a clean sexy bod".

Not just the pose, she needs that pony in particular because of the pose AND body color.

If anyone here has one and is willing to part with it, please send me a note here in LJ, leave a response to this post, or email me at wee_beebhs@yahoo.com , and I'll pass the message onto her.

Thanks ahead of time! ^W^

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